Find Your Next Favorite Book
Novelist is a site the library subscribes to where you can find your next read. The way it works is you put in a book that you like and it suggests similar books.

Goodreads is a social networking site where you can read reviews of books, write reviews, and ask your friends to friend you on the site. After you friend them, they can see what books you've read and what you're planning on reading next. 

Mango Languages
Italian? Chinese? Pirate?  Mango is free for all West Newbury patrons and offers a fast and convenient way to learn a new language. The courses are currently available in over 35 foreign languages.  Start Learning!
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Freegal Music Downloads - Access almost 10 million songs and music and thousands of videos originating in over 100 countries.  Now download up to 5 songs per week and 3 hours of streaming per patron.

For a quick overview of how to use Freegal, click here!