Blueberries for Sal / Robert McCloskey
Secret of the Reaping / Kalynn Bayron
Orthocones / by Kate Moening; Illustrations by Mat Edwards
The Perilous Performance At Milkweed Meadow / Elaine Dimopoulos ; Illustrated by Doug Salati
The Bicycle : How An Act of Kindness Changed A Young Refugee's Life / Written by Patricia McCormick & Mevan Babakar ; Illustrated by Yas Imamura
The Dark Is Rising / Susan Cooper
Sheep / by Rebecca Sabelko
They Built Me for Freedom : the Story of Juneteenth and Houston's Emancipation Park / Written by Tonya Duncan Ellis ; Illustrated by Jenin Mohammed
Basilosaurus / by Kate Moening, Ilustrations by Mat Edwards
Pigs / by Rebecca Sabelko
Livyatan / by Kate Moening ; Illustrations by Mat Edwards
Turkeys / by Betsy Rathburn
Dot the Fire Dog / [written and Illustrated by] Lisa Desimini
Wrestling / by Mari Bolte
When Impossible Happens / Jane de Suza
Animal Ears / by Mari Schuh
Moose On A Mission / Mo O'Hara ; With Art by Jess Bradley
Athletics / by Ashley Gish
Unsettled / Reem Faruqi ; [Interior Illustrations by Soumbal Qureshi]
Rowing / by Mari Bolte
Thomas Jefferson's Battle for Science : Bias, Truth, and A Mighty Moose! / by Beth Anderson ; Drawn by Jeremy Holmes
Aquatics / by Mari Bolte
Runaway Ralph / Beverly Cleary ; Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
Lightningborn / Julie Kagawa
Look Inside A Fire Truck : How It Works / Percy Leed
Go! Go! Dino! / Written and Illustrated by Kaz Windness
Animal Feet / Mari Schuh
Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals / Written by Jennifer Welborn ; Illustrated by Rozillia Mh
Firefly Galaxy / Words by Sarah Nelson ; Art by Estrellita Caracol
The Book With No Pictures / B. J. Novak
Little Fish's Opposites / Lucy Cousins
The House Before Falling Into the Sea / by Ann Suk Wang ; Illustrated by Hanna Cha
Greenwitch / Susan Cooper
The Unforgettable Logan Foster / by Shawn Peters
Hornbeam Gets It Done / Cynthia Rylant ; Illustrated by Arthur Howard
Ralph S. Mouse / Beverly Cleary ; Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
Cece Rios and the Queen of Brujas / Kaela Rivera
Kittens Are Monsters! / Written by Susan Tan ; Illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei
Do You Even Know Me? / Written by Reem Faruqi ; Illustrated by Ani Bushry
Nikhil Out Loud / Maulik Pancholy
The Ice Dragon / George R. R. Martin ; Illustrated by Luis Royo
Bluey. Season 3 / the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia, and Bbc Worldwide Present ; In Association With Screen Queensland ; A Ludo Studio Production ; Created and Written by Joe Brumm
We Care : A First Conversation About Justice / Words by Megan Madison & Jessica Ralli ; Art by Sharee Miller
Stowaway / John David Anderson
Dunkleosteus / by Kate Moening, Illustrations by Mat Edwards