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Curbside Pickup at the G.A.R. Memorial Library

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Curbside Pickup at the G.A.R. Memorial Library

The G.A.R. Memorial Library is offering curbside pickup with modified hours: Monday from 10 - 7 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 - 4 pm and Saturday 9 - 1 pm. In order to keep all patrons and staff safe, the building remains closed to the public. To maintain contactless curbside pickup, please follow the steps and protocols below for placing a request and safe pickup.

Please note:

  • All materials are quarantined before circulation outside of the library building.
  • Please do not clean materials at home.
  • Returns will be accepted only in the library book drop.  Do not leave returned materials anywhere else.
  • The building will remain closed to the public, but the book drop is open 24/7.


How will Curbside Pickup work?

There are 2 ways to place a request: through your online account OR by directly contacting the library via phone (978-363-1105).

1.  To place a request (hold) online through your account:

  • Go to G.A.R. Memorial Library catalog and log into your account in the top right corner (PIN/Password: Last 4 digits of phone number, call the library if you need to reset your password)
  • Search and click “Place Hold”

2.  To place a request by phone:

  • Call the library staff directly via phone (978-363-1105).  We will be happy to fill your request on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When items are ready for pickup you will be notified via, email, text, or phone call depending on how you set up your account.

Please note, to minimize your wait time in the parking lot, give us a call ahead of time to let us know you’re coming and we will have your items ready for you!

Please observe the protocols detailed below when you come to pick up your items. 

Upon arrival:

  • Please wait in the car and call 978-363-1105 to let us know you are here.
  • Requested items will be placed in a bag labeled with your name and placed outside the main entrance. Items will already be checked out to your card. Please wait until staff is inside the building to pick up your bag.
  • Please wear a mask when picking up your bag.
  • If others are picking up bags, please maintain social distancing.
  • All returned materials go into the book drop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Related to Requesting Items and to Curbside Pickup

How can I apply for a library card so that I can request books?

We are currently allowing West Newbury residents to apply for library cards over the phone. Please call 978-363-1105.

I don’t know my card number?  How can I reserve items?

Please call the library (978-363-1105).  A librarian will ask you to verify your account.

How do I reserve books online?

First, visit the library’s catalog and log in with your card number and password (usually the last 4 of your phone number, if you need to reset your password call the library).  Search for the items you would like to borrow, and click place hold for each item you would like to take out. 

How long can I keep the items?

Checkout periods have not changed. Books and audiobooks can go out for 3 weeks and DVDs and magazines will go out for 1 week, all with 2 renewals as long as there are no other holds on the item.

I am not able to get out of my car to pick up the items.  Could a librarian bring them out to the car for me?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure staff and patron safety, we are unable to bring books to the car. If you are physically unable to walk to the library’s entrance, please bring someone with you who can do it for you.

I am not able to make it to the library to pick up my items.  Could they be delivered to my house?

Unfortunately, no.  At this time, we are offering only contactless curbside pick-up at the library.  We may consider offering homebound delivery in the future.  Please call the library (978-363-1105) if you would like to be added to a list in case we offer this service at a later time.


Other General Questions

When will the library building be open to patrons?

To maximize safety for library patrons and staff, reopening will take place in phases. The building will not be open to the public until circumstances deem it safe to do so.

Will I be able to receive items from other MVLC libraries or the Commonwealth Catalog?

Yes, you can receive items from other MVLC libraries as of July 20, the Commonwealth Catalog will resume service on September 21. Please be patient with longer than usual waits for interlibrary loan items as all items are in quarantine for a period of time for your safety.

How many books and DVDs can we take out at a time?

We’re asking patrons to reserve up to but not more than to 20 books and 10 DVDs at a time for curbside pick-up. This ensures that orders can be filled promptly and that other patrons have an opportunity to borrow items.

I usually browse until I find something that appeals to me.  If I want book or movie recommendations, what should I do?

Please, call (978-363-1105) or email us ( and we will be happy to provide recommendations for you. This applies to all ages!

I have items out now.  Can I return them?

Yes, the book drop is open for returns.

I’ve had my items out for a long time.  Will I have fines or penalties?

No.  All due dates were extended while the library has been closed.

I returned my library items in your book drop. Why are they still showing as checked out on my account?

To ensure the safest possible item handling, we are quarantining all returned items for four days before checking them in.  You will not be penalized and your account will reflect the return in the near future.

I have books to donate to the library.  When can I drop them off?

Please DO NOT drop off any donations at this time.  Since donated items must be quarantined before volunteers can sort them, we are holding off on accepting donations.  We will keep you posted when we are again ready to accept them!

I’m not planning to go out very much, but I’d still like to use library services.  What can I do?

You can use our digital services, which include eBooks, digital magazines, streaming TV and movies and streaming music.  Please visit our website for more information. Further information about library services will be posted on the library’s website and Facebook.

I have other questions about the library.  Who should I contact?

Please email us at or call 978-363-1105, and a librarian will reply as soon as possible.